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Kanda Health Clinic

 Laxmi Pratisthan established the “Kanda Health Clinic” on the 28th of January 2017 with financial support from Health Foundation Nepal, USA to assure basic health services to the locals residing around Kanda Village, Chitwan. The Kanda Health Clinic, located inside the hostel premise,  is currently providing various medical services not being available in the past. The service includes basic health check-ups, minor surgeries, vaccination, awareness campaigns and free medicine distribution.

Before the establishment of the clinic in the village, villagers used to travel long distances for basic health facilities. The excessive time taken to travel, often dissuades people from visiting the facilities, particularly in conditions where it is thought the health center may not be open on arrival. The establishment of Kanda health clinic has made the health service accessible for poor people in two ways i.e. The time required to visit the health center has shortened and the service is now affordable for all the people as it is a free health clinic. The children residing in the hostel and the villagers dwelling around are the beneficiaries of the health clinic.

Kanda Health Clinic, Photogallery