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Bishnu Gautam

Dear Friends and Well Wishers,
Greetings from Nepal

Time and tides wait for no one; Time is the most powerful remedy that heals every wound. It has been years now from the date we lost our two beloved sons and started giving a new life to many sons and daughters living in vulnerable conditions and in isolation. Losing two grown-up sons in less than a year was not only horrible but also unbearable. Now looking many sons and daughters growing up with new lives is something inexpressible.

Though my life was devastated, I gathered courage and decided to give real tribute to my deceased sons by bringing smile in the faces of the most marginalized and underprivileged children from the deprived society to bring them in a mainstream through education and care. Thus, we founded Laxmi Pratisthan (a memorial foundation) with the name of my wife Laxmi Gautam as the patron in an effort to console her from that unbearable grief and agony.

We believe that poverty is a denial and violation of human rights, which stems from a historical process of exclusion and injustice. In Nepal, structural forces including patriarchy, exclusion, unjust governance and illiberal policies exacerbate poverty. Nepal being at a critical historical juncture and in the process of social and political transformation, groups that were traditionally marginalized and excluded on the basis of caste, class, gender, and ethnicity are fighting for inclusion and equality. These groups are constantly demanding their human rights be promoted and protected and are challenging the state to address their needs and include them in the process of governance.

To bring the positive change in the lives of these marginalized, oppressed, deprived, poorest of the poor, we believe in our thematic approach which states "do all the good you can by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can" to bring happiness in the face of neglected humans in our society. Laxmi Pratisthan intervenes with the programs and projects targeted to these communities directly, generating ownership by their participation in their own development. Skill transformation, economic empowerment, gender mainstreaming through education, income generation projects, diverse awareness programs including health through an integrated approach with sustainable framework. We work with the most neglected people/community and groups in remotest of the remote Nepal.

We don't have any regular or institutional donor. We have been carrying out our activities with limited resources funded by the generosity of our loyal donors. We frequently face serious financial crisis over time and again. Thus we appeal to every individual to support us in our pious campaign. We are hopeful that you would join hands with us in helping to uplift the underprivileged communities. Our projects approach directly to the poorest through our holistic approach acknowledging you formally as the sponsor to make a life saved and letting him/her lead a dignified living. Your generous contribution big or small matters much to us. Thus we invite all the like-minded people, institutions, donors and charities to be a part of this campaign. We want to assure you that the amount you donate will be used only for the purpose mentioned above. Further, in a span of ten years, we have amplified happiness together in the faces of many innocents by our mediations. Thus to achieve this, we have been unafraid of trying new things and taking diverse approaches to doing all the good we can. At last, again we sincerely request you to be a part of this noble cause by joining hands with us.

Let's stand together for the transformation; together it is possible.

Bishnu Gautam