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Laxmi Pratisthan is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 and registered under the act of Nepal Government. Initiated by Mr. Bishnu Gautam as a special tribute to the late sons killed in separate road accidents in within the period of nine months, is a memorial foundation actively running diverse programs targeting vulnerable communities of the remote parts of Nepal. The foundation dedicates its services to the people irrespective of country, origin, color, and geography.

Since its inception, Laxmi Pratisthan has been working on six thematic pillars ie, Health, Education, Skill Transformation, Women Empowerment, Community Development and Traffic Awareness.


A Just and Democratic Society where each neglected marginalized, excluded and poorest of the poor can enjoy the fundamental human rights and lead a dignified life.


Empowering people from rural areas and uplift their living standard through education, skill enhancement and health services by mobilizing local resources.


Bringing positive social transformation where every individual is benefited equally on the process of development and everyone could contribute equally in return unbiased of caste, class, culture, religion and geographical location.


  • To increase easy access of education for the children from the rural and back warded community by improving the quality of the community schools and the education system.
  • To improve the quality of the lives among rural men/women through education, vocation and entrepreneurship.
  • To convert the unskilled youths into competent technical workforce through skill enhancement and capacity building trainings.
  • To increase access of the people from poor and back warded community to quality health services.
  • To help sustaining local economies by increasing the quality of lives in rural areas.

Current Project and Future Plan:

Currently the foundation is actively concentrated in Kanda, a village inhabited by the marginalized and underprivileged "Chepang" community. Kanda is a remote village with no road access in the hills of the central Nepal. The Chepangs are one of Nepal's most disadvantaged indigenous groups classified under the 'highly marginalized' category. The Chepangs of Kanda had very little know-how of any sort being deprived of basic and fundamental rights. They were in a condition of extreme misery, deprivation, and hunger.

Considering the issues there, in the first phase we supported the comunity with basic necessities of life including food, clothes. In the second phase, we started rebuilding the new houses for each households having perceived that they were in urgent need of proper shelter being forced to live in the house in wreckage. In their active participation and by using locally available materials, 72 new houses have been built so far. With the introduction of solar lights, now Kanda village is luminous in the dark, which they had been hardly accustomed before.

Our focus is to enable the Chepang through the training and awareness in agriculture, animal husbandry and other activities so that it would boost their economic condition simultaneously solving the problem of malnutrition and famine and the scarcity of food will be solved in a sustainable way.

In the major ambitious project at Kanda, the foundation has built and has been running a well-facilitated free hostel with the provision of proper food, clothes, books and other stationeries where 180 Chepang children are residing in friendly atmosphere where they can continue their learning and education without any hindrance.

Our long-term objective is to empower the Chepang community through education, awareness, tourism, farming and vocational training and to enable them to become a capable and responsible citizen of our society and to remove the tag of marginalized and underprivileged community. Our main aim is to strengthen people's capacity to act by helping them to help themselves.